Loungers offer the ultimate in summer comfort, providing a seating option that often reclines to allow users to either sleep or work on their all over tan.


The 4th of July is the height of summer in America. The weather is warm and it’s the perfect time for cookouts, s’mores, and fireworks.

Small but important adjustments should be made to ensure that your home remains the relaxing and attractive haven you’ve created it to be. 


We’ve collected nine paint shades that are a great alternative to white that will upgrade your kitchen to a dream without making it look like a technicolor nightmare.

Many people neglect their entryway or do the bare minimum to decorate which can leave visitors underwhelmed and unimpressed.  But, when the foyer of a home is a beautiful as the ones in these five houses, 

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and Dad deserves something this year that he will actually use. It wouldn’t hurt if he loved it too, and with these amazing gift ideas, it should be easier than ever to find him something he will enjoy for years to come. 

A desk lamp does not have to be bland or boring, and in fact, can accentuate a room to provide more inspiration for the things you love to do the most.


Did you know that neutral shades of color have the power to make your home look better? Using the right color inside of your home can really make your house look bigger.

 The clean lines of this storage space make it a beautiful improvement over a plain wall.Takes the negative space under the stairs and turns it into a sleek, modern set of shelves for storing and displaying anything from

We’ve collected seven room designs in this style that we love and are great inspiration for your own rustic-modern fusion design.


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