5 Best Essentials Designs For Contrast Lovers

Planning Everything Out

Just like any other projects, without proper planning, everything can go wrong. This first question is “How big is my space?” The second part of the planning phase is the element of contrast you have in mind. You can choose a mix of light or dark colors or mix of styles like modern and vintage, tribal and elegance or mix materials like marble and brick stone. By having this information, this clarifies and simplifies the list of that you have to buy in order to transform your space.


On the off chance the room is less functional, consider introducing a few long wall mounted shelves for extra storage room. In line with your contrast design, you can use two different types or shelf colors. Also, add a spotlight along the mounts to draw attention. Make use of baskets for extra space as well. You can also use the contrast here by selecting baskets of different materials and different sizes.

Finding The Right Color

Color has the power to change a space by creating an illusion that the room is much bigger than it is. It is advisable to use two colors that contrast against one another, ie. black and white. You can paint your walls white and have black tiles. However, you must use a mid-color to bridge the gap between these two contrasting colors. In this case, you can use gray sofas or gray coffee-tables to get your design together. Conversely, you can use a red pillow on a white sofa.

Focal Point

When designing a room, always start by standing in the doorway where your visitors will probably be entering. By using this perspective, we will be able to see what attracts the attention of our visitors. Because the first impression counts, we need to get their attention by adding a focal point or two to make the room unique. Adding a unique piece in the room will not only add character to the place, but also leave a decent impression on your friends. Deciding which focal point should be in the room depends again on the space and then you are working on. However, the color you’ve selected must also work with the focal point that you’ve chosen. With the white-black-shades palette in the example above, you either can use a colorful abstract art piece or a few colorful furnishings to draw out the contrast.

Furniture Spacing

The two parts that we need to focus on here are furniture height and furniture space. Choose furniture that will not eat up half of the space in the room. Be mindful of the space that you are working on and check the furniture sizes. We don't want a room with only two big items on it do we? Also make sure the distance between furniture will allow us to slide in and out between them. Choosing lower furniture will make the room seem taller. However, when heightening the space, make sure that you are not sacrificing comfort either.

When designing with contrast, if one design is used sparingly it won’t have the wished effect in the space. On the other hand, if used too much, it might overpower everything. Think outside the box on how you can get the most out of every square inch of space.