Elements that Make a Collection Stand Out

Buying whole collections of furniture may be a tad pricier, but it is the best way to ensure that your living space adheres to a solid theme. Browsing through many different pieces and retailers for items that fit your theme can take ages, while going with a collection allows you to furnish whole rooms at the same time.


Sleek curved legs that add elegance and grace to an ordinary table, dresser, or chest.

Flat square moldings that make the top of the tables and dressers look more pronounced. The moldings act like frames for the tops of the furniture pieces and create dramatic depths within the piece.

Antique brass hardware is highly polished and applied to give the items the classic look of well-loved pieces. Nothing looks more attractive than furniture that has been lovingly handed down through generations and cared for so that it still looks new. Hekman's Central Park collection employs the use of the antique brass hardware making the pieces look both brand new, yet historical. No one will be able to tell if the pieces come from "old money" or "new wealth".

Hekman Central Park Drinks Table


Veneers are thin pieces of expensive woods like cherry, or walnut, that are bonded to wood that costs less to produce pieces that have the look of the most expensive wood with a price that is much less. Some veneers are created by cutting the log in a straight line parallel to the center. When veneer is made by cutting the log in this fashion, the result is a smooth grain pattern that has little or no variation in the pattern. Birch and oak veneers are often cut by spinning the log on a lathe to cut slices of it off of the perimeter of the log. The grain patterns of oak and birch allow this type of rotary cutting to be used to create unique veneers with outstanding style. Another popular veneer crafting method is to quarter the log and then cut the veneers at an angle so that the grains are displayed in an interesting pattern. With fine furniture pieces the craftsman building the piece will hand select veneers that were quarter cut or rift cut so they can match the grains properly to make the piece more symmetrically balanced .

A popular way to cut cherry wood for making veneers is to first cut the log into quarters. They then cut slices from the quarters moving the blade in a radial direction from the outer section of the log towards the center section of the log. Cherry wood has small flecks of color through the grains that are deeper than other parts of the grain and this type of cutting emphasizes those flecks and brings them to light. The Central Park collection uses cherry veneers to accent the pieces. All of the pieces in this collection are constructed out of select hardwoods, but the cherry veneers are used as decorative touches that enhance the beauty of the items. Walnut veneers are also used on some items to bring out the beauty of the other hardwoods that were used or to embellish the finished product.

Hekman Central Park Seven Drawer Tall Chest


Lacquer is a finish put on wooden furniture that increases the woods ability to withstand moisture. The lacquer seals the wood

The rosewood lacquer finish used on many of the pieces in the Central Park Collection is another attribute that makes the collection stand out. These finishes have subtle undertones to their coloring, so that the piece will have hues of red, blue, or green, buried in with the rich brown of the wood. These finishes look more like those of custom jewelry boxes rather than what you expect to see on dressers, night stands, accent tables and headboards.