The French Deco period took place in the height of the roaring twenties. People had money to spend on luxury items, and they flaunted that money like it was going to last forever. The items they furnished their homes and offices with were the richest, most outlandish, flashiest, pieces of furniture that had ever been constructed. People wanted color, unique designs, exotic embellishments, and a sense of luxury.

Mirrors and Glass

During this period of high fashion, mirrors were used on every type of furniture. Some furniture was completely covered with mirrored panels, while others only featured mirrored accents. During this period clear glass had also begun to be incorporated in the designs of table tops and coffee tables. It was used to make a statement in some cases and to accent the other building materials in others. Combinations of wood and glass, or polished metals and glass were very popular during this period of furniture design.

Vintage Stained Glass Inverted Pendant in Aged Bronze

Marquetry and Lacquer

Furniture styles during this period also started to implement the use of multiple woods in their designs. The art of Marquetry takes frames of furniture pieces and covers them with wood veneers in different hues to form decorative patterns. Marquetry can produce floral, geometric or even scenic designs using solely wood veneers. It was normal to see marquetry on table tops, dressers and armoires. It was also very common to see tables that were trimmed with rich veneers made of ebony or Mozambique. During the French Deco period, furniture was often crafted from rare wood. The rarer the wood, was the more sought after it was. Laurel Burl veneers were also popular along with heavily lacquered woods that had such a high gloss it looked like your hand would get wet if you touched the surface.

Metal Finishes

During this time it was not uncommon to see armchairs that had chrome plated arms and lush leather upholstery in a vibrant color. Wood was still being used to create furniture, but metal, especially shiny metals like chrome, was finally being used to make an impact on furniture design. People wanted items in their home that were flashy, glitzy, sexy, and alluring.

Lush Leather Coverings

The leathers used during this period of furniture crafting were buttery soft, rich, and luxurious. Gone were the neutral leather tones of browns and blacks. These colors were replaced with vibrant reds, sunny yellows, vivid oranges, and stunning greens. This was a period when the colors of the furniture covering reflected the happy spirit of the owners. This was an age of prosperity; a time when people were happy and flamboyant. That flamboyancy showed in their decorating styles, their furniture, and their clothing. People had money to spend, and they wanted nothing but the best in their homes, on their backs, and in their vehicles. In the roaring twenties style and flare went hand in hand with necessity.

Exotic Embellishments

Art Deco Console Table with Segmented Burl Veneer Top

People did not want ordinary decorations. They wanted exotic decorations that made their items unique. Jade, ivory, and onyx were being used to embellish cabinets, sideboard buffets, coffee tables, end tables, gaming tables, and sofa tables.

The lamps and chandeliers in the homes featured the most unique styles with the richest embellishments that had ever been seen on decorative items. Everything was designed to look luxurious, feel luxurious, and be luxurious. Luxury and splendor had replaced refinement.