A Quality Investment

When you are ready to buy dining room furniture, you want to get pieces that will last a long time and will look perfect in your home. You want high-quality items that you can sit in for many years to come. You may not use your dining room chairs as frequently as you use some of the other pieces of furniture in your home, but you still want them to be strong and dependable.

Hardwood Construction

Cherry and mahogany are two hardwoods frequently used in dining room chairs. Your chair is only as strong as the wood that it was crafted from and the manner that it was put together. You want to buy chairs made from high-quality woods that are fitted together snugly and have their joining pieces glued together.

Uttermost Danek Traditional Honey Stained Beige Cushioned Wooden Armchair

Stretchers and Bracing

The stretchers and bracing on the chair will make the chair more durable. There are high-quality dining chairs that have no stretchers or external bracing. However, you must be a lot more careful with those types of dining chairs as they are only able to hold smaller amounts of weight than the ones that are braced or have stretchers holding the legs in place. For braced chairs, you want the stretcher to fit into the leg snugly at each end. The stretcher should be of the same diameter as the leg, and it should be glued into the opening formed in the leg. It should be firmly in place and not move when pressed against.


The legs of the chair should be made of solid piece construction. It is okay if the stretchers and braces are fit into the legs, but you do not want legs that are two pieces. It's also good to know that wood turned legs are just as strong as curved or straight legs are.


You want sturdy arms that are glued into the back and seat sections of the chair. You should not be able to move the arm when you grasp it. You also want to buy chairs that have thicker arms as these will be less likely to break. Armless dining chairs are just as strong as their limbed counterparts.


The backs of the dining chair should be crafted from high quality wood. They should be thick enough to handle the strain of a person pressing back on them. They can be high or low as long as they are glued into the seat so that they hold longer.

Anjou Gray Padded Modern Dining Chair


Wherever a piece of the chair joins another piece of the chair you have a weakened place in the chair. This is true of both high quality pieces of furniture and of discount furnishings. The joints are the weakest part of any chair. High-quality chairs will be joined together in such a manner as to reduce the amount of weakness in the chair. The joints of the chair should be both glued and held in place with another type of fastener as well. Grasp the legs, stretchers, and pieces that are joined in your hand and see if there is any "give" where the pieces connect. You should not be able to wiggle or move any piece at the joint. If you can the chair is probably not both glued and fastened but merely fastened.

Where to Buy

You want to look at established furniture dealers like Hekman.com when you are looking to buy quality furniture that is both durable and beautiful. You will be surprised at just how affordable high-quality furniture pieces can be. Most people assume that if they go to the discount stores and discount suppliers online that they will be saving a large amount of money on their dining room chairs. The truth is that the high-quality chairs are only slightly more expensive than the discount pieces are, and the higher quality pieces will last for twice as long as the discount pieces do.