Have you ever moved your furniture into a new place, but it just didn't feel right? Believe it or not, this actually happens to many people. Different dimensions, architecture, and lighting can change the mood your furnishings set drastically even though your furnishing stay the same. Here are a few tips to help you decide if your furniture matches your new place or if you would like to get a few new pieces that fit the space better.

Know Your Room Dimensions

You cannot begin to shop for furniture until you know all the dimensions of the room. Different furniture styles are often quite different in sizes. You want to know the width and length of your room. You want to measure any alcoves that might be in the area. You should measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of windows so you can be certain that tables, chairs, and other items will not block your window.

Take painter's tape and newspaper and map out where you will like to have each piece of furniture placed. That will help you to visualize the pieces in the space that you have and will keep you from buying too much or too little furniture when you go to shop. If you are artistically inclined, you can also draw out a small scale map of the room and use scaled cut-outs to experiment with the different possible layouts.

Square Metal Based Distressed Fir Wood Nesting Tables

Know the Common Furniture Styles and the Pieces They Produce

Modernist pieces started being popular around 1940. This type of furniture offers new materials other than wood for the frames, bases, and tabletops. New materials and brightly colored materials were introduced for the upholstery fabrics. These furniture pieces make a house look young, chic, and ready for anything.

The Art Deco style of furniture (such as the Abstract Brown Brushed Aluminum Tinted Wall Mirror shown to the left) makes good use of curved lines on traditional pieces like sofas, sofa tables, and chairs. This furniture also may have elements of glass, wood, and metal combined to create the unique pieces, This style was very popular in the 1920s and did not start to wane until around 1945.

Eastlake furniture that was first created in 1855 are pieces that are more rectangular. Oak, maple, and pine are the favorite woods used to create these furnishings. Most of the woods were stained dark, and the upholstery was dark as well. The pieces were often embellished with decorative brackets, carvings, and chamfers.

Louis XVI furniture is larger and heavier than many of the other furniture styles. It became quite popular in 1850 and remained the most popular until about 1914. Even though the furniture is larger in size, it is adorned with many grooves and carvings that give it an almost delicate appearance. The designers make use of ovals, wreaths, and natural shapes in the carved ornamentation that adorns the wooden backs, legs, and trims of the pieces.

Victorian pieces (such as the Cottage French Indigo Four Door Sideboard featured to the bottom right) sound like they would be large and bulky, but this line of furniture, so-named named after Queen Victoria, is actually rather delicate and demure. It creates a room that is elegant, sophisticated, and feminine. Sometimes the wood of these pieces will be painted white with gold used as an accent.

Consider Your Family

You do not want to select a furniture style that is delicate and creates a formal look if your home is filled with small children and pets. You want to select furniture styles that will work well with your family, and the family life you have.

Beige Button Tufted Fabric Arm Chair

Do Not be Afraid to Mix and Match

Do not think that because you have a Victorian sofa, you cannot have an early American coffee table or a renaissance revival chair in the same room. This is your space and the furniture in the space should reflect your personal preferences.

Where to Buy

You always want to buy furniture from a reputable furniture dealer like InteriorClue.com. Furniture is an investment, and you want to make sure that you are getting quality pieces at a good price. You also want to know that you can trust the manufacturer you are buying from.