Why You Need a Desk

The desk that you choose will be determined by what you are going to use it for. Many people think that they have no need for a desk in their home because they do not write often. It may be very true that you do not formally sit down to write letters, notes, and invitations like you once did, but desks can still perform very useful everyday services.

Linea Fir Wood Scandinavian Desk

1.) Desks are perfect places for children to do their homework. You can keep pens, paper, rulers, and all of the things they might need to do their homework on hand at the desk. They would not be distracted by the television, or other devices and could focus better on their work.

2.) These surfaces are great for staying organized. A desk can be perfect place for keeping your bills, checking information, and other important documents. You will always know where your paper bills are, and you can sit at the desk to fill out the monthly checks you write.

3.) Desks are great for computers and even laptops. Laptop fans work best on a hard surface and last longer when they don't have to strain. Keep your laptop longer by using it while sitting at a table or desk.

4.) Desks are also great for hobbies. Whether it be crafting or fly fishing, using a desk gives you an organized space where you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Riveted Aluminum Aviator Desk with Splayed Tapered Legs

Things to Think About When Choosing a Desk

1.) Charging centers for cell phones, tablets, and MP3 players

2.) Storage drawers for all of your supplies, papers, and devices

3.) Power panels so you can easily plug in laptops, tablets, printers, and other electronic devices

4.) Cut outs for cables and cords

5.) Padded tops so laptops and papers do not slide

6.) Amount of Space

The amount of space that you have for your desk will be a large determining factor with this piece of furniture. Measure the area where you want to place the desk. Think about the chair that will be positioned at the desk. Then measure the amount of room that you have to maneuver between the desk and the other furnishings in the room. You must leave a space of no less that twenty four inches between the back of the chair that will be used at the desk and the wall, or next piece of furniture. It is better if you leave thirty six inches of space between these items so you can easily move between the pieces.

If your space is really tight you can consider putting the chair in another location when it is not being used, and moving it to a position in front of the desk when you are using the desk top. This will increase the amount of room you have for a walk space between the desk and the other items in the room.

Where to Buy the Perfect Desk

When it is time to buy a desk you should shop at qualified furniture stores that sell high-quality pieces. Interior Clue has a large selection of excellent writing and accent desks, and we also carry executive desks that are suited for more formal office spaces.