the very first alarm clocks were likely a veriom of the water clock. Awater clock works by allowing a measured amount of water to drip at a slow rate form one source into another container. 

This tiny cottage exudes classic charm. Featuring a small front porch and cheery red shutters, this home is a perfect miniature getaway.  And, thanks to the house’s wheels it can get away with you 

Discretion:  As you know, the opposite of playful is discretion. Some of these colors take you back, such as burnished lilac, Hawthorne rose, and elderberry. 

Garten’s gardens feature multiple seating areas including this cozy corner with private seating for two.  You can almost imagine Garten and her husband relaxing at the end of a summer evening with a glass of wine in this cozy nook.

The number of barstools that you need to put in front of your console bar will help you to determine the width of stool you can buy. In determining the number of bar stools to add to the counter table, you should have about 30" from the center of one seat to the next seat.

Try adding a yellow chair to your living room or bedroom to lift the color palette or even a yellow counter stool to your dining or kitchen area to highlight the added light during the summer months. Below we’ve collected five yellow chairs that can add brightness to your home

Seating is key in a living room. It's a public space in your private sphere, so seating options such as sofas and chairs are very important. To choose a seating arrangement that's right for you, reflect on how many people you entertain on average

Themes can be based around a hobby, an interest, a favorite destination, or a favorite color. Some specialty items can be found made specifically to represent aspects of your chosen theme. You can also use items that simply remind you of your theme or fit the tone. 

Below are five bathrooms we love too look at for inspiration on what elements to add to a space to make it feel incredibly luxurious.

These items are being purchased by collectors looking for the rare and unusual of Ikea’s products.  So, your Billy shelf or Poäng chair won’t be funding your retirement any time soon.