Unusual Door Colors to Add Interest to Your Home’s Entryway

By: Jessica Herron

If the hearth is the heart of the home, the front door is the face. It’s what any passersby, guests, and potential buyers see first and sets the tone for your home’s exterior. A growing trend in exterior styling is brightly colored or painted front doors. We’ve collected a list of ten amazing door colors to update your home.

This deep, wine red door is an elegant and timeless option to update your entryway. Paired with cream siding and deep, charcoal shutters, this door color is an attractive option for those of you interested in opting for red. This paint shade is Sherwin Williams Rookwood Dark Red SW 2801.

For those of you in the mood for a brighter and more daring shade, turquoise is the perfect choice. It’s a fabulous pick-me-up for a traditional, rustic entryway like this and helps to make your entryway pop instead of disappearing into your home’s façade. This paint shade is Sherwin Williams SW 6941.

Navy Blue is another great choice for people who gravitate towards blues. A statelier color, this slate blue makes the doorway pop and is a timeless upgrade for your entryway. Paired with a neutral palate, this color won’t overpower your house’s style. This shade is Benjamin Moore Midnight Navy 2067-10.

This ultra-modern entryway updates the look of the home by using a butter yellow shade to make this door stand out. Your house will really make an impression with a door this shade. Set against the white and wood-toned exterior, this door is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. This shade is Martha Stewart Egg Yolk MSL064.

For a neutral accent to your home, grey is a good option. This taupey shade blends seamlessly into the surrounding neutral exterior and offers this house a stately, elegant air. The traditional styling of this symmetrical entryway is elevated by the neutral palate. This shade is Benjamin Moore Topeka Taupe 1463.

Bright colors are fantastic options for modern entryways. Modern styling tends to involve neutral or natural color palates, especially with materials like concrete and metal. With rough, striking materials, bright colors don’t overwhelm the design. This shade is Benjamin Moore Rumba Orange 2014-20.

Black is a striking option for door colors. Against a light colored, neutral exterior, pitch black makes the door a focal point of the design and ties together the look of the building. With snow white trim, this black door serves as great inspiration for your own door options. This shade is Farrow & Pitch Black 256.

If you’ve got a red brick home, you might consider a rich aubergine door. The rich, warm color of this door beautifully complements the red tones of the brick and makes this royal purple shade an attractive choice for your entryway update. This shade is Benjamin Moore Grape Juice 2074-10.

This coral door proves that bright colors don’t only belong on ultra-modern houses. This popular color choice is a cheery option that will elevate your home, especially when paired with polished brass hardware. This shade is Behr Japanese Kimono PPU1-5.

Those of you interested in adding color to your entryway, who aren’t interested in an overly bright shade, might consider hunter green. This door beautifully complements the greens in the house’s landscaping and the subtle green tones in the exterior paint. This shade is Beauti-Tone Green Conifer Hills 5141EC.