Take a Look at These Homes that Will Make You Want to Downsize

By: Jessica Herron, Editorial Staff

Tiny houses have been taking the nation by storm.  These homes, some as small as 100 square feet, are proving that you don’t need tons of space to design a unique and stylish living space.  From updated treehouses to renovated campers, people across the country are creating unique, small homes with tons of style.

This tiny cottage exudes classic charm. Featuring a small front porch and cheery red shutters, this home is a perfect miniature getaway.  And, thanks to the house’s wheels it can get away with you – a chic update to the traditional mobile home or RV.


This ultra-modern cabin in the woods offers a quiet retreat with stunning views.  Its evokes modernist traditions with its glass walls and minimalist design.  In addition to preserving the clean lines of the design, the giant windows open what would otherwise be a cramped space.


This unique treehouse is an updated version of every child’s dream.  Easily accessible by a small set of stairs, this stylish sanctuary uses big windows and a small porch to make this miniature house feel much larger than its small floorspace would suggest.


This colorful and eclectic home was created by merging two trailers via a deck that doubles as dining space.  The large, moveable deck provides space, adding to the restricted interior.  The lattice wood screens and brightly colored stairs lend this house incredible style.


This wood clad modern lean-to features an extended sloped roof that covers the small seating area outside the front door.  Large windows and a second, glass panel door provide plenty of light to this home and keep the interior from feeling cramped.


Truly unique amongst these tiny houses is this amazing floating house.  An idyllic escape for the summer months, this home features large windows and opening skylights to allow air and light into the interior and a large outdoor seating area to give the house an open atmosphere.