These Rooms Prove that Modern and Rustic Designs Blend Better Than You Might Expect

By: Jessica Herron, Editorial Staff

Most people consider modern design to be the antithesis of anything rustic.  The clean, sleek lines of modern styling would seem to clash with the rough designs associated with rustic style. However, many designers are embracing this difference to create unique, fusion looks. We’ve collected seven room designs in this style that we love and are great inspiration for your own rustic-modern fusion design.

The sharp lines of this room, by Wade Design Architects, and the large banks of windows are hallmarks of modern design.  With the stark black, angular fireplace, this room would seem like the last place that would mix well with rustic charm.  The clever use of warm, wood tones in the walls and floors allows for a fusion design.  Here more traditional furnishings complement both the rustic and modern lines of the room, completing the look.  

Architecture By: Wade Design Architects

This unique room, designed by Art Home Garden, combines modern, contemporary design elements in the gilded mirror and sleek night stand with rustic, traditional touches in the exposed beam details, industrial inspired stool, and mounted deer head.  The addition of these modern elements gives this rustically designed room a fantastic modern update.

Interior Design By: Art Home Garden

This is another traditionally rustic room, featuring heavy, exposed wood beams, with visible hardware, and a beautiful stone fireplace and chimney.  Studio M Interiors’ design, using angular modern pieces along with more traditional elements to marry the modern designs to the rustically styled room, makes this blended style feel organic rather than derivative.


Interior Design By: Studio M Interior

The all wood interior of this room by Wade Weissmann Architecture Inc would usually reject modern accents.  The use of a combination of rough and glossy wood in the ceiling and the herringbone pattern of the floorboards allow for the room design to incorporate modern elements.  The seating area, keeping a neutral palette, allows the modern, curved silhouettes of the armchairs to merge seamlessly with the rustic, wooden desk and paneled interior.


Architecture By : Wade Weissmann Architecture Inc

Jeff Andres – Design combines the rustic stone and exposed wood beam elements of this room with large, sleek modern chandeliers and oversized wall mirrors.  The color palette of this room allows for the combination of styles.  Both the rustic and modern accents are light neutrals with dark accents of wood or metal.  Even the abstract coffee tables don’t seem out of place as they match the room’s colors and blend easily into their surroundings. 

Interior Design By: Jeff Andres

Nicky Dobree’s Room design combines an ultra-modern, double-sided fireplace and mid-century modern furnishings with the rustic wood paneled interior.  This room’s design uses a green and brown palette to tie together the disparate elements including the antelope head and antler chandelier.  The cool, neutral accents on the warm, wood interior allows for this room’s fusion design to come together seamlessly.

Interior Design By : Nicky Dobree

This room by LKID combines modern, marble elements and rustic exposed stone and wood.  The traditionally styled pendant lights and sharp, modern bar stools share the same, deep bronze tone which tie together these contrary components and the room’s design.  The neutral palette of this room allows for the combination of the traditional and modern elements without the result seeming forced.

Interior Design By: LKID