Add a Pop of Color to Your Kitchen with These Paint Shades

By: Jessica Herron


A lot of people spend their lives with dull, drab, white kitchens. As a reaction to eye-searingly bright kitchens in the second half of the 20th century that left so many homes looking, and feeling, horribly dated, many modern kitchens are stark white. We’ve collected nine paint shades that are a great alternative to white that will upgrade your kitchen to a dream without making it look like a technicolor nightmare.

Pitch Blue is a crisp shade that, when paired with white, has a nautical, timeless feeling. Used here on the cabinetry, this striking hue takes a functional kitchen necessity – the cabinets – into the kitchen’s gorgeous focal point. For those who like the color of their cabinets, this paint would also make a fabulous accent wall. Steal the look: Farrow & Ball Estate Emulsion Pitch Blue 220.

Pitch Blue is a crisp shade for Kitchen


Pale Powder is a shade so pale it flips between green and blue depending on the lighting. It has more character and age than a plain white and lends the room some added gravitas. This hue allows to you keep a neutral palette in your kitchen or use it as a transitional room between two full color rooms. Steal the look: Farrow & Ball Estate Eggshell Pale Powder 204.


Charcoal Gray is another great choice for kitchens, especially for cabinetry. Using this gray on the kitchen cabinets makes it easier to take the plunge with a deep hue without overwhelming the color scheme. This paint looks amazing with warm and cool tone palettes and would make a great deep shade in a monochrome kitchen. Steal the look: Ralph Lauren Paint Artist Gray RLUL219.

Charcoal Gray is another great choice for kitchens



Paper White may not sound like a departure from traditional kitchen hues but it is a bit of a misnomer. This is a muted, very pale gray that reads as the lightest shade of blue in the sun. Using Paper White as an accent brings that pop of color without overpowering the wallpaper or drowning out the blue-grey limestone statement island. Steal the look: Benjamin Moore Paper White 1590.

traditional kitchen hues


Tidewater is a washed out aqua shade that’s perfect for any beach or ocean lover’s kitchen. This monotone kitchen makes the most of the soft, blue-green color, using it on all surfaces to give this kitchen a low profile and keep it feeling open and light. If you’re not into painted cabinetry, try using it on a ceiling or wall. Steal the look: Sherwin-Williams Tidewater SW 6477.

 Tidewater is a washed out aqua shade that’s perfect for kitchen


Deepest Aqua is a fabulous turquoise that evokes the clear ocean waters of the Caribbean. Used in this kitchen to complement a similarly toned wallpaper with silver accents, this blue is a striking choice. If this whole room approach is too bold for your tastes try using it as an accent on one wall, a ceiling, shutters, or a door. Steal the look: Glidden Premium Deepest Aqua GLB24.



Bewitching Blue is used in this kitchen to provide a rustic flair. This blue has a subtle hint of gray that elevates it from plain blue to a subtler shade with an elegant air. Here, the slightly distressed application of the paint gives the room a cozy, farmhouse feeling. Try using this as a ceiling or moulding accent or on cabinetry to achieve this look. Steal the look: Sherwin-Williams Bewitching Blue SW 6960.


Hollandlac is a rich green-gray taupe that has an amazing earthy rawness to the color. In this example, the kitchen cabinets have been given a coat of this shade to make them a focal point for the room, despite their neutral tone. Consider using this on shutters, door, or trim if painted cabinetry isn’t what you’re looking for. Steal the look: Fine Paints of Europe Hollandlac G23120.

Hollandlac is a rich green-gray taupe for kitchen


Charlotte’s Locks is a bold, paprika orange that adds a bold shock of color to a room. This kitchen used the hue as a striking cabinet shade to tie the warm backsplash and island counter together. Try using this shade to highlight the back of your cabinets for a pop of color if you prefer a more restrained overall kitchen color. Steal the look: Farrow & Ball Estate Eggshell Charlotte’s Locks 268.