Rockers and Gliders

Rockers and gliders are both motion chairs that are priceless in nurseries for when mom is trying to get the little angel to sleep. These chairs are also wonderful for sitting on the porch where you can relax and sip a hot cup of coffee while the world around you awakens. They also make great chairs in the living rooms, parlors, and dens for people to sit and relax in. There is no motion in the world as comforting as the ones created by a rocking chair or a glider.

The difference between rocking chairs and gliding chairs lies in the motion that the chairs make. A glider gently moves to the front and the back like the porch swings on southern verandas do. The motion is easy and mesmerizing. A rocking chair moves slightly up and down while moving in a front to back motion.

Wooden Rocking Chairs and Gliders

When you are purchasing a wooden rocking chair or glider, you should look for items that are built of select hardwoods. You want the wooden pieces of the chair, the rockers, the arms, the slats, and the legs, to be thick and hearty. If the chair is made up of thin boards then it is not likely to last for a long time.

If you plan to place the rocking chair or glider on the porch, you want to make sure that you buy a chair that was constructed from weather resistant wood. Cedar is a good choice of materials for rocking chairs that will be exposed to more moisture. You also want the boards to be thick, and you want the entire chair to be heavily sealed with a wood sealer or lacquer. Even if the wood is water resistant, it can be penetrated by moisture and will eventually begin to decay. If the rocker is protected by a sealer you can periodically apply more sealer and prevent moisture from ever getting into the wood beneath it. This will increase the life of your rocking chair drastically.

Modern Upholstered Rocking Chair

Upholstered Rocking Chairs and Gliders

Many people place upholstered rocking chairs in their living rooms and dens. These chairs are very comfortable to sit in and the rocking motion of the chairs is soothing after a hard day at work. If you buy an upholstered rocking chair then you naturally cannot see the framing boards that support it, so you have to look for other signs that the chair is high quality and durable.

The material the chair is upholstered with will be one of the main considerations when you are buying an upholstered chair. Different materials have different qualities that make them more or less favorable. You want a fabric like a cotton blend or wool blend if the chair will be used frequently or might be exposed to spills. These fabrics do not tend to wrinkle, and they resist soiling as well. You want upholstered rocking chairs that have a tight back. That means the cushion on the back of the chair cannot be removed. This will keep the cushion from slipping when you are using the chair. Many of these chairs have loose seat cushions that can be taken off and cleaned or flipped over to increase the lifespan of the chair.

The lighter an upholstered rocking chair is, the lighter the wood used to frame it is. Try to choose a chair that has some weight to it. You want the framing of the chair to be sturdy, and it is best if the framing is done with hardwoods instead of softwoods like pine that can splinter easily.Try to find a chair that can withstand a weight of three hundred pounds or more. The chairs that can tolerate weights that high are constructed with heavier materials, and will usually last longer.