Tips and Ideas for Introducing Themed Decor into Your Home

By: Angel M Rodriguez , Editorial Staff

Themes can be a fun way to tie home decor together adding cohesiveness and flare. You can make the theme the focus of a single room filling the space with furniture, home accessories, and wall art that immerse your guests in the theme. You can slip elements of the chosen theme throughout the house to create a common thread running from room to room.

Themes can be based around a hobby, an interest, a favorite destination, or a favorite color. Some specialty items can be found made specifically to represent aspects of your chosen theme. You can also use items that simply remind you of your theme or fit the tone. If you know you have a theme in mind that represents a country, a culture, or a specific era search the internet for relevant images of your theme to get an idea of what kind of furniture would fit well in your chosen setting.

Here are some ideas of collections that can be used for various themes. If you find a theme you like, pick and choose the furniture and décor in the suggestion that would fit best for the room you are decorating.

Western Décor Dining Room

Start with furniture to provide the base for the room. In a dining room the Hekman Harbor Springs Rustic line of dining tables and chairs give a thematically appropriate homey, antique feel. The Hekman Harbor Springs Rustic sideboard provides extra storage and a place to display statues and figurines. The Hekman Harbor Springs Rustic furniture line also has beds, dressers, and night stands if you want to continue the theme in a bedroom.

Add a warm glow to the room with the distressed wood finished classic candle holder set of three in red or the traditional metal glass lantern in worn and aged finish. The classic western american styled barrel table is a small, whimsical accent table that can be used as a décor item in and of itself in addition to an additional surface for décor or functionality. Finish off the room with some thematic wall art like the western themed wooden wall cross with metal and leather details or the metal western sculptured wall art duo and table top art like the rustic star with western theme and stone base.

Natural Wood Bedroom

Some themes are based on a type of material rather than an interest, a place, or a time period. Start out with furniture from the Hekman Sutton’s Bay furniture line. The weathered finish, sand finish, and driftwood finish pieces of this furniture line have a simple natural look. The plethora of lighting options available include the twisted drift wood lamp with burlap shade, the natural twigs table lamp with burlap drum shade, and the wooden twig natural rounded lantern. Finish the room with some décor items like the driftwood horse figurine on base, the driftwood circle decor on base, or the contemporary wood wall art with natural wood finish.