Tile Ideas to transform an ordinary bathroom to an extrodinary one

by: Margaret Develey, Editorial Staff

A bathroom is a room in a house used for personal hygiene.It is a space where someone can also relax after a stressful day by either taking a southing bath or a refreshing invigorating shower.

Nowadays, whether part of an en-suite, or a guest bathroom, people are creating spaces which are both aesthetically pleasing to the eye, well as  simplicity statements.

Well appointed bathrooms are assets to every house and contribute to the price of the house. We found some bathrooms that can be inspirations to you, if you are building a new house or thinking of remodeling.


Blue Honeycomb


The hexagonal tiles used for this bathroom create the look The hexagonal tiles used for a honeycomb, except that they are blue!  The design is called Adriatic Sea and the tiles are manufactured by Fireclay Tile.  With this large rainfall shower head, taking a shower will feel as if you are underwater!

Shades of Gold

An unparalleled elegance is what this bathroom is projecting.  The combination of the gold tiles between the windows overlooking the garden, the Calacatta Gold Marble floors and the impressive chandelier give a glamorous look to the space.

Gray & White

Designer Daleet Spector of Understated Bath, balanced the white of the walls with the various shades of gray for an understated modern look.

Mediterranean Beauty



Designer Kyle Timothy Blood, created this bathroom floor to look like a Moroccan carpet.  The hues of yellow, blue and white give a stunning look to this space.


 Shades of Metal


According to designer Julia Buckingham, this bathtub was the first thing that was bought for this bathroom and it became its focal point.  The tiled rug followed.  The industrial-like chandelier completed the look.


 Bubbles under the sea


In this bathroom the shades of blue on the walls complement the chevron-style floors.  What a southing and whimsical combination.

Total Relaxation

Deirdre Doheney is the designer of this spacious bathroom renovation.  The tiles used for the wall are Michael S. Smith for Ann Sacks and the floor tiles are Cluny by Granada Tile.  The whole space looks like a spa!

 Hollywood Glamour


Jay Jeffers was the designer of this guest bathroom where both the walls and floors are covered with glass tiles from Waterworks.  What a spectacular use of color!  The mirrors and light fixtures are adding to the glamorous appearance of the room.



This simple and streamlined design was created by Heidi Bonesteel and Michael Trout, whose intentions were to imitate the ocean, and give a spa-like feel to this bathroom by the use of the blue tiles  right below the ceiling around the white tiled walls.