The former First Lady of the United States, and legendary style icon.

By: Tiffany Grandstaff, Editorial Staff

Jackie Kennedy, made her mark on American culture in more ways than one. Known for her classic beauty and impeccable taste, Mrs. Kennedy’s elegance inspired much-needed change to the White House back when she graced its halls. In fact, the transformations she encouraged have stirred the hearts of home décor enthusiasts and historians for decades now, with some of her best creations now iconic landmarks rather than just visually appealing rooms. 

Madam Jackie’s Greatest Creations 

Among the 132 rooms of the amazingly decorated White House are spaces inspired by one of the most beloved women of the 20th century. Her ideals and poise are elegantly translated into every nook and cranny of this great home which holds 35 bathrooms, 28 fireplaces, and 3 elevators, all spread over 6 massive yet cozily decorated levels. 


Draped with delicious grandeurs of delicate patterns over silken linens, the East Room is perhaps the most breathtaking of all White House spaces designed by Mrs. Kennedy. Still used to this day as a receiving room and entertainment hall, the French-inspired opaque curtains, highly polished walnut floors, gorgeous crown molding, and subtle gold color scheme create a soft yet glamourous ambience to the space. 

Although the White House is an echoing spectacle of architectural design, Jackie’s warm décor still envelopes people from around the world with the same grace that she bestowed as the First Lady. 



Once a study, the former First Lady saw a different purpose when she looked at the Yellow Oval Room of the White House – a sitting space. Cozied with restored period-pieces and one-of-a-kind artwork from that country’s previous presidents, this room was created after Mrs. Kennedy ransacked the storage rooms of her presidential abode. 
Some of the most famous decorations include a desk made from the salvaged timbers of a British warship, a spectacular crystal chandelier, and designer-original vintage furniture that was hand-picked by the First Lady herself. 



Jackie Kennedy is known for her elegant and gracious approach to all things, even to political affairs – a consideration that was highly regarded during the restoration process of the State Dining Hall. Her inviting poise allowed her to curate antiques from around the world, including Cezanne paintings, luxurious hand-stitched carpeting, and finely polished flatware. 

During and after the Kennedy administration, Jackie’s had-picked touches remain as a reminder of her classic beauty. Gold-lined service pieces flanked by delicately embroidered handkerchiefs only scratch the surface of Mrs. Kennedy’s influence on the State Dining Hall. Pictured here ready for guests, her creation is still quite a remarkable sight. 



Known as one of the most striking rooms in the White House, the Red Room is a sultry, Renaissance-inspired space that serves as a small gathering zone for presidential meetings, dinner parties, and music performances. Its deep, crimson décor is rivaled only by the rich, mahogany wood furniture pieces that line its patterned walls and fill up its well-appointed square footage. 

This room has always been an integral part of the White House layout, but after Jackie Kennedy got her hands on it, it became a historical landmark. As one of the three main state parlors of the house – the Blue Room and the Green Room being the other two – the Red Room features satin drapes, hand-painted Presidential portraits, original period seating pieces, and timeless light fixtures framed by crisp white crown molding. 




The room in which the President and First Lady rest at the end of a long, hard day is important, and it must be decorated as such. The Presidential Bedroom, which was also one of Lady Kennedy’s projects, stands today just as it was when she lived in the home. Inspired by her Georgetown roots, the room boasts a cozy, traditional décor theme that includes things such as a canopy bed, crystal chandeliers and light pieces, personal works of art and photographs, as well as understated inset drapery and coordinated bedding. 

The Presidential Bedroom has since been a relaxing haven for presidents, guests, and extended family members. In fact, due to Mrs. Kennedy’s expert eye for interior design, this room is often requested as sleeping quarters by those planning to spend the night in the White House.