Make the Most of Your Garden Space No Matter the Size

By: Jessica Herron, Editorial Staff

Ina Garten, the cook, author, and host of the Food Network show Barefoot Contessa, is known worldwide for her love of food and welcoming viewers of her show to watch her prepare beautiful meals in her home to enjoy with friends and family. She also has amazing gardens that are an incredible source of inspiration, no matter what size space you have.

Garten’s gardens feature multiple seating areas including this cozy corner with private seating for two.  You can almost imagine Garten and her husband relaxing at the end of a summer evening with a glass of wine in this cozy nook.



Of course, with such beautiful gardens, any spot is a good spot to sit and enjoy the view. This comfortable set up next to a low stone wall provides the perfect place for drinks in the evening.  Picture sitting here and quietly enjoying the sprawling lawns and gardens in Garten’s grounds.

For larger gatherings. Garten has more structured entertaining spaces. We love this larger patio with seating for a group, perfect for a party or cocktail hour. It’s easy to imagine that relaxing on this sun dappled couch is as relaxing as it looks

Garten’s gardens span a huge amount of space, allowing for her to have yet another seating area tucked away amongst the flowers without the area feeling cramped.  It’s almost impossible to imagine that this rustic bench is in the same country as the patio seating above, let alone on the same property.