Loungers to Spend Summer Poolside

By: Jessica Herron 

Summer is best spent poolside, enjoying relaxing in the heat and soaking up some sun. Loungers offer the ultimate in summer comfort, providing a seating option that often reclines to allow users to either sleep or work on their all over tan.


The ZUO Majorca Daybed is for those people who are interested in staying out of the sun rather than having to remember to apply sunscreen. The wicker-weave roof is UV resistant and the tan curtains close to form a privacy or sunshade. The moveable ottomans provide extra seating or come together to form a sleeping surface and the unit also includes side tables to hold drinks to keep you cool by the pool.


This lounger also provides its own shade and makes the perfect lounging space for couples, or best friends. With facing recliners and an included umbrella, it  shade for the hottest portions of the day. The ZUO Hampton Double Chaise Lounge can provide an idyllic lounging space and the wide arm rests also function as perfect mini-tables for drinks.


The ZUO Hassleholtz Lounger is a classic, wave shaped lounger with a wicker-weaved surface. The synthetic surface is UV protected which gives the lounger longevity and won’t be affected by water even if anyone in the pool gets rowdy and manages to splash you even on the safety of the pool deck.

This is a slim and modern, streamlined lounger. The woven resin surface of this lounger provides a comfortable surface for tanning or reading and won’t be affected by any errant splashes of water or damp bodies coming to rest after a dip in the pool. The elegant design of the ZUO Rocky Beach Longue is a fantastic addition to any pool deck.

This lounge chair features ultra-plush cushions to provide an incredibly comfortable lounging surface. The sculpted design, comfortable armrests, and added neck pillow provide the perfect surface for working on your tan for the perfect summer glow or to catch up on your summer reading list. The ZUO Eggertz Beach Lounge Chair is the perfect option for your pool deck.

The ZUO Pamelon Beach Lounge Chair as an elegantly curved, adjustable lounger with a plush cushion that makes for comfortable poolside lounging no matter whether you’re enjoying the sun or keeping an eye on the kids. The gently curved design mold to the natural curve of the body and make this a great option for those who enjoy a nap in the sun.

This chaise evokes the classic charm of antique loungers. The solid wood design of these reclining, adjustable loungers makes these a surprisingly comfortable option for your pool deck. The warm, unfinished teak wood is a beautiful and durable surface that also make these loungers a great choice that won’t fall apart in the first summer storm. The ZUO Starboard Chaise is a great option to add vintage charm to your poolside furniture.

This lounger is an adjustable, mod-ish pool chaise option. The curved steel design and sleek, black mesh surface would look just as at home at a Hollywood spa as by your pool. The ZUO Metropolitan Chaise Lounge is the perfect option for the modern tanner. So, feel free to throw your towel over the back, sit back, relax, and bake to a golden brown.

The Sun Beach Chaise Lounge is a minimalist, curved, adjustable lounger that is the perfect option for any pool deck. The clean lines and white finish of this lounger mean it will pair well with any décor, and not clash with anyone’s beach towels. The sturdy design makes this the perfect option for parents of children looking for loungers that will stand up to running and jumping, along with napping, tanning, or reading.