The 10 Best Desk Lamps for Contemporary Homes and Offices

by: Tiffany Grandstaff, Editorial Staff

The things we do at our desks are as varied as our personalities, so the type of desk lamp you choose should reflect your individual style while providing adequate illumination to your space. A desk lamp does not have to be bland or boring, and in fact, can accentuate a room to provide more inspiration for the things you love to do the most. Behold the most inspiring modern-day desk lamp designs on today’s market, all available at InteriorClue.



1Hailing from the prestigious Pixor Collection by Cyan Designs, this nostalgic chrome desk lamp features an adjustable neck and head for maximum exposure. With a crisp, polished metallic hue and a truly vintage design, this iconic lamp is perfect for both modern and traditional décor schemes. 


2Stylish and functional, the Angleton Desk Lamp by Cyan Designs is an industrial décor dream-come-true. Featuring a two-tone aluminum and brass finish, the adjustable base and neck showcase its unique bolt detailing that runs all the way up to the contemporary metal shade. Perfect for the home or office, the Angleton desk lamp sheds plenty of light on any decorating idea

3. Another amazing specimen is the Campanile Industrial-Style Modern Desk Lamp, again by Cyan Designs. Different from the others, this robust light source features a Steampunk-inspired steel body with an attractive arc shape. The solid brass shade and coordinated detailing turn this lamp into a must-have for any space requiring style and sophistication. 


4. Carolyn Kinder has designed a remarkable desk lamp for the Uttermost Malcom Collection. Her industrially-inspired piece, which features an adjustable shade arm atop a metal base, is covered in a dark oil-rubbed bronze finish and accentuated by coffee-colored details. Ideal for masculine spaces, this light source is a beacon of stylish satisfaction. 


5. Strap in because you’ve never seen anything quite like this! Featuring a metallic right-angle body with no shade, this simplistic desk lamp is like something out of a sci-fi movie. Using a single LED bulb and featuring a polished chrome finish, this compact and abstract light source is made to fit perfectly into any modern-day home or office.  

6. Behold a modern desk lamp with a white linen hardback shade fixed atop a polished chrome neck and body. Sleek and urbane, this lovely lamp by Diamond Lighting is made from high-grade aluminum and features an adjustable stem secured to a heavy metal base.

7. Beauty and functionality combine seamlessly to create the Rectangular Modern Twin Lamp from the Crestview Collection. Featuring a soft-brushed steel finish and well-appointed pull cords beneath an off-white rectangular shade, this modern desk lamp is a stunning example of how traditional design can be repurposed for a contemporary setting. 

8. Swap dull for electrifying with this transitional resin desk lamp. Featuring a unique mottled wood finish done in Perla brown, and housing a exceptional black metal mesh as its oblong shade, this two-tone light source doubles as a work of art in any home or office

9. Put your lighting game up on a pedestal with this whimsical yet modern desk lamp. Featuring a solid Carrera marble base which secures its polished chrome shade, the flexible neck arcs to drop light with a hint of eccentricity to any contemporary or traditional space

10. Take trending industrial interior designs and combine them with quirky yet functional appeal and you get this remarkable stainless-steel desk lamp by Old Modern Handicrafts. As a miniscule spotlight, it is reminiscent of old Hollywood. Featuring extendable legs, an adjustable neck, and enough lumens to make any interior design shine bright.