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Though the use of e-books and digital print is on the rise, nothing can replace the nostalgic smell and feel of an old book. Dark hued spines with gilt lettering are the most genuine office decor you can have. Why not show off your book collection so that everyone who enters your office knows what kind of intellect they're dealing with? Interior Clue offers a wide range of bookcases that will add a weighty prestige to your home office and put your personal library on display. Many of our bookshelves and cases consist of removable shelves allowing you room for taller to shorter books as well as illumination to shine down on your favorites. Whether you use your bookcase for books, vinyl, or stately statues, no home office is complete without it's own bookcase. We offer a variety of designs and finishes so that you can choose a unit that will match or complement your other office furniture best.