You Can Do It!

Decorating your home might seem overwhelming, especially if you are unfamiliar with the basics of interior design. There are five basic elements to consider when decorating your home: lines, textures, colors, spaces and shapes. We will cover these 5 elements in depth, so you can rest assured that your home is decorated properly.



First, we have lines. As basic as this sounds, lines can make or break your room. They demand attention, which can be a good or bad thing. If you want to express stability or strength, consider using vertical lines. If you are looking to add width to certain objects, then horizontal will work best for you. If you are after gracefulness, then add curved lines to your room. The employment of lines in a room signifies various sentiments, so be careful when applying several of them. They will either add character to the room or give you a headache.


Next, we have texture. By adding texture to the room, you will define the vibe your room gives off. Whether you want a formal room or are looking to create a room filled with warmth, texture will be your best ally. If you are looking to create a cozy room, then consider using surfaces and accessories that are super soft or fuzzy. Perhaps a fuzzy cushion, or soft sofa will add the texture your room needs. If the room is in desperate need of sophistication, then add smooth surfaces and accessories. This will give the room that sense of formality it needs. Remember that by adding these textures, you will change the mood of the room. Try experimenting with different textures to see which would complement the room best.



With the addition of color, you can easily transform your room and give it the effect you are searching for. It is by far the most noticeable change, and it is the easiest way to transform your home. Colors bring a room to life and give it personality. Depending on what type of style you are going for, the right color will help you achieve that. For example, if you want to make a room seem bright, choose colors like red, orange and yellow. Colors such as blue and green will add that air of coziness and sophistication.


Now that we have covered colors and how to the change the mood of the room, let's talk about how colors will also influence the impression of space in a room. By adding colors such as red, yellow and orange, you can make your room appear larger than it is. If you happen to add darker colors, you will make the room appear smaller. Playing with the space in a room is fun, and you can make the room appear to be as small or as spacious as you wish. If you want the room to appear larger, place your furniture by the wall. Be creative with the partitions, as this will also impact the appearance of your room.



The usage of shapes around the room can deeply influence the room's ambiance. Different shapes will give the room different feels, so be cautious when applying them in large proportions. For instance, if you are thinking of giving your room a soft feel then add curved shapes. On the contrary, if you want your room to not appear as soft, then decorating with hard-edged pieces will help achieve this.

As you can see, creating a specific feel for your home is not as difficult as once imagined. With the help of our five basic elements of home decorating, you will be able to transform your room and give it the style you want. There are several ways you can go, so have fun mixing things up!