Creative Ways To Decorate Your Coffee Table

Living rooms are traditionally known as the space in your home where people come and gather. It is one of the most important rooms for any family, therefore the living room should be a place of comfort. With the proper organization of furniture in the living room, you can bring people together for a great time. The coffee table is an important feature in any living room.

Achieving a pleasing room design is not as complicated as most people tend to believe. It is the simple things we do that matter in most cases. Your coffee table can do much more than holding cups of coffee or glasses of wine.



You probably will be entertaining your guests in the living room, and you want to evoke an ambiance of elegance to the room. The coffee table is the first place most guests will focus their attention on. Take advantage of this to make an impression that will stick in their minds for a very long time. Achieving this should not be a hassle. On one corner display some statues, figurines or even beads carefully placed on a small tray. It brings out the impression of an organized home and the love for nice things. When accessorizing your coffee table, be careful that you do not end up cluttering the space. Proper accessories can act as conversation pieces. You can find yourself nice table lamps (for evenings), a variety of color schemes, or a clock that matches your home design aesthetic.


Books and Magazines

To kill time and supress anxiety, most visitors tend to grab something to read or they find themselves staring at the television. By having a variety of favorite books and magazines neatly arranged in the magazine rack by the side of the coffee table, you will provide your house guests with the option to puruse the magazine rack while your are busy around the house. You don’t have to turn your coffee-table into a mini-library; a few books and magazines will do. You don’t want them bored when fixing them a drink.



Ideally, you will need fresh flowers of your choice that blend well with the overall color scheme of your home. You can try and do that occasionally when hosting guests, but for normal days, just find nice artificial ones. Place the flowers in nice glasses or vases. To maximize the available space, you may want to place the flowers on top of books. For tiny items, use a nice wooden tray and carefully arrange what fits, including beads and other items of varying colors and shapes.


Frequent Changes

Unlike other spaces in your home, a coffee table is a relatively small surface, making it ideal as an accent piece in your living room. Try to rotate out the magazines and books on your coffee table, so that your guest will have different reading material. It will also be helpful to design the aesthetic of your dining table around the seasons. For example, in Spring you have the option to decorate your coffee table with Spring themed items, like artificial flora or Easter themed pieces, like eggs or rabbits.

If done right, you will be surprised by how decorating your coffee table can change the overall living room decor. You must however resist the temptation to clutter the table, you still need it for coffee!