Functional and Beautiful Design Features

A home gym is something that has a very clear purpose and function. Many home gyms reflect this in their style. They are set up just with the pieces of metal gym equipment standing next to one another, with no decorations. For most people, this is enough. However, it does not have to be this way. If you take pride in your home decor and want to maintain a sense of style, you can continue it in your gym. It is absolutely possible to take the functional and make it beautiful. From the way that you dress the walls, to the furniture, to decorations, you can really make a difference. It does not have to take much effort or cost either. Just make sure that it looks great!

Create Your Environment

One of the easiest ways to make a change is to look at your wallpaper. Whether you normally have a plain wall or a painted wall, this simple and neutral look adds nothing. In fact, it can even make the room feel a bit boring. If you want to make a huge change very easily, think about textures and patterns which could brighten the room up. Using bold and bright colors could be a good start. Colors like, bright yellow, orange or even baby blue will make the room feel light and airy. If you are feeling more adventurous, how about a specialist wallpaper? A pattern which reflects the outdoors can open the room up and make you feel like you are working out in a natural environment. If you cannot change the walls themselves, hang a large print or poster of the beach. Draw on the environment that you have created for the rest of your design ideas. Getting a theme together will help make the room more beautiful right away.

Introduce Light and Air

If you can have your home gym in an area that is full of natural light, that is a great start. The lighting in your home can be turned up to create a similar feel. However, nothing is as good as the real thing. Natural light streaming through large windows will invigorate you while you work out. The body needs oxygen to exercise and the fresher the air is the better it will be. If you can move your lighter equipment to the outdoor and garden area. Building a shed or pool house in your garden can give you a fantastic gym space as well. If you are limited on space, just make sure you can open a window in the warm months. Natural sunlight can improve the appearance of even the most functional furniture. It will also improve your mood and can help you feel more positive.

Go For Statement Pieces

Think about where you can introduce your signature style.

For example: if you went with a beach theme, where could you make it stronger? Clocks are a good place to start. Perhaps your gym clock could be decorated with shells and painted sand. If you want the modern, bright look, choose a bold clock in a matching color. Your storage and organization can also be upgraded. A rope and white cloth wardrobe could hold gym clothes for the beach theme. Dumbbell stands can be purchased in bright colors for that modern look. A few scattered statement pieces can improve the overall room much more than you can imagine. Make sure that all of your equipment matches too, to tie it all together. For example, all of the metal parts can be painted the same color.