Decorating Your Space With Metal

Metal is one of the most versatile mediums to decorate your walls with. Don’t be afraid to experiment; if you have confidence in your piece there is really no reason for you not to add a touch of metal to your living space.


Metal on Your Walls

Whether your style is rustic, or you tend to lean a bit more to the modern contemporary style, metal is an easy medium to jazz a place up a bit. The Modern Metal Wall Decor with Complex Interlocking Rings is a very versatile piece, and will be a great focal point in any room. Pair the Metal Wire Wall Plaque with Gemstone Accents up with the Metal Moon Star Wind Chime with Bells, and you’ll create a magical and dreamy environment. For the antiquated feel, the Antique Curvy Metal Brown Dual Sided Outdoor Station Clock is a winner, and sure to get quite a bit of attention from admirers.


Metal Flower Displays

Metal does not necessarily have to be a harsh medium to display. For instance, when you bring flowers into a space, it instantly adds a different feel to the room. You can either hang these displays on walls or doors. Some items in mind: Flat Metallic Flowers Wall Décor, Golden Tulip Flowers Metal Wall Décor and the Lattice Floral Elite Metal Plaque Square Wall Décor. Should you not wish to have them on the walls, you can purchase metal vases, and have fresh flowers placed in them. The Metal Stone Vase with Long Fluted Neck and the Tall Metal Vase Home Decor are two lovely vases that each add a different style aspect to your space.


Metal in The Garden

Metal really works well in the garden, as it is durable. Also, should the metal rust, it adds an old world charm to the space and gives a fairy garden feel. The Standing Frogs Metal Planter Set with Welcome Sign is great for the porch, as it gives your guests a warm welcome. The Set of Six Golden Metal Animals Beaded Garden Stakes look gorgeous in any garden setting. Why not upgrade your garden furniture? The gorgeous Turquoise Blue Metal Lace Oval Garden Bench will look great in almost any garden setting. Any garden needs birds, and to get them to your garden, have a feeder installed. The Rustic Green Metal Frog Bird Feeder Garden Decor will not only look great, but get those birds to your garden in a heartbeat.


Metal Tea Party

If the words “metal” and “tea party” have ever seemed like an unlikely combo to you, you need to consider the Metal Wooden Serving Tea Cart. If the tea cart is not big enough, perhaps it’s time to invest in a Hekman Loire Valley Metal Grill Console Table. The Round Lace Metal Cupcake Stand with Mirror Surface will look stunning on any table, especially if filled with gorgeous cupcakes. Should the cupcakes not be enough, the Lace Metal Crafted Decorative Cake Stand Set should fill the gap. Serve tea to your guests in style with this Silver Finish Metal Rectangular Tray Set with Wooden Handles.


Keep The Kitchen Tidy With Metal

The kitchen need not be neglected in terms of decorating, and the Rustic Metal Galvanized Wine Holder with Six Compartments. The Scroll Iron Design Utility Metal Holder is great for keeping those plates on display in a stylish way. If you are keen on displaying your kitchenware, and would like a more rustic look to your kitchen, the Three Tier Metal Floor Shelf in Ladder Design is a great way to achieve this look.