Here are some tips and ideas on how to use them:

1. Apart from magazines, of course you can use them for books. They are perfect for keeping your favorite books, or the ones you're currently reading, in close proximity to your couch or bed.


2. Also, if your living room space is too small for an actual bookshelf, or if you want to add one to your bedroom or office too, tall wall magazine racks are the next best way to keep your books well organized and out of the way at the same time.

3. Use wall mount magazine racks in your bathroom. We know that bathrooms are not always easy to decorate, as you need to take into account both convenience and a smaller space. So you can use various shapes and sizes of magazine racks to add functionality and a fresh touch; use them for magazines, towels or hair appliances.


4. On the same style and utility note, don't hesitate to add magazine racks to your kitchen walls. Your favorite set of ornate plates will look great next to your cupboards, and you don't have to worry about breaking them. Depending on form and size, you can use magazine racks to hang other kitchen utensils too.

5. Your hallway cannot miss a magazine rack. That's the first room you enter when you get home, so you need easy access to drop your keys, umbrella, scarf, etc. A wall rack that also has hangers would be most useful.

6. Mail. Yes, you need a special place to collect your mail. I know everyone is busy and running around these days and mail, magazines and papers end up clustered on the closest table, but why not use a magazine rack right next to your front door for it?

7. Kids' play room. Another busy space that can get crammed and disordered really fast. Many models of cheerful, colorful, funny magazine racks that are designed especially for kids' rooms are at your disposal; they can be made of plastic, textiles, twigs, paper etc. So they don't hurt your kids in case they play with them. Use them to store coloring books, toys or essentials.

8. If your home has a terrace or a balcony, they can't be missing magazine racks either. Wood and wrought iron racks are perfect for an outdoor setting. Add a cooking book for exotic foods, some wine bottles and candles and your little alcove will look sophisticated, elegant and organized at the same time.


9. If you're living in a house with two or more stories, add magazine racks on your stairwell walls. If your walls are empty, this would be the best way to gather and showcase your paintings, pictures or your favorite collections.

10. Speaking of, if you are a collector, but don't know how or where to place all your items or how they fit in with your overall home design, just use magazine racks to sort and save your treasure. For example, you can use tall, narrow racks and take up an entire corner in your living room.

11. And last but not least, you can take some magazine racks out in your garden. If they're made of a resistant material, you can use them for your gardening tools and supplies. Look for magazine racks that also have an upside table surface and you have a place both for your utensils and a glass of lemonade and a book when you need a break out in the fresh air.