Interior Design Trends

Interior design trends are about color usage, making a statement, and creating a specific mood in a space by sticking to a set theme. In the realm of color, current trends are going lean more towards an earthy and natural palette. Furniture trends today celebrate natural wood grains and clean lines that highlight the materials used in the piece. Picking pieces with interesting materials in mind also increases the likelihood that your pieces will come back into style later. Trends today are also subjected to an overall movement of functionality and dual purpose in furniture design.

Through the Decades

Statement pieces may be considered “retro” or “vintage” in their appeal. There is an eclectic mix in trends today, and the concentration is on the finishes. Mixing ornate pieces with industrial pieces is not uncommon. To marry the pieces together, use a trendy accessory in the right color, like the Blue Carved Ceramic Owl Statue Set. Even the most current contemporary design schemes will feature a piece reminiscent of yesteryear. Many contemporary interiors will feature at least one conversation piece in the mid-century modern styling. The great thing about investing in retro and vintage styled pieces is that they are frozen in time and will be considered stylish until you retire them.

Color Palette

On the color board of today's trends, those natural, earthy tones, are plum and eggplant. Then, you have turquoise, teal, and some deeper natural gray-blues. Blush and fleshy soft peaches are also stars in trends today. Your softer sand and taupe hues make up the backdrop in any well done color palette. White, with its many shades, is always the go to when working with a monochromatic scheme in your design. Trendy furnishings and accents may feature bold patterns while still keeping within the natural color scheme of trends today. In order to keep your color scheme trendy, choose a few versatile colors that are understated and rotate through accent colors over time. This allows you to keep the same timeless color backdrop while rotating the color of your smaller accent pieces to keep in vogue.

Multicolor Wing Design Transparent Frame Dining Chair


Along with the color palette, the amount of natural or artificial light that you have access to is key to interior decoration. While following trends you must ask yourself how much light you have to work with. Light affects the shade of your furniture and wall treatments. What is turquoise in the store may seem darker in your living room. While natural light will brighten and compliment the earth tones that are trending, if your space is naturally dark, you can brighten it up with some trendy lamps or light strings. There are a lot of DIY lighting options out there, but you can always pick up a lamp from another decade and still be stylin.

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