More families are forced to stay in smaller houses than they would have wished for. Well, the cost of housing has gone up over the years and therefore, you can only stay where you can afford. However, just because the house is small and the rooms are tiny is not reason enough to sacrifice your comfort. You can still live large by learning to maximize and appreciate what you have. Below are ten important tips that will magically transform your otherwise small house into such size-able place for easy comfortable living.

Prioritize Items: You have to learn to pare down on the essentials you really need in the smaller room. Is that extra chair in the bedroom really necessary? If you can use the bed, say to put your shoes on, then there is no point of squeezing a chair in, remove it. The same applies to other spaces like the kitchen, living room, among others.

Visual Space: Don't clutter your room with smaller items such as trophies you have won over the years in competitions because they eat up visual space. You can simply display not more than five items and store the rest, then periodically rotate them. This will for sure make the displayed items stand out more and leave the room feeling larger.

Wall Décor: The wall décor is not only important in making the room more appealing, but can also make it appear larger than it should. You have to carefully plan your décor and ensure that it is in sync with the overall theme. Anything else that looks out of place should be tucked away. Larger items have to be kept off the wall because they contribute to the congestion.

Furniture: You may love your traditional furniture or any other, and want it in your room no matter what. However, if the size and design doesn't allow, you will have to let it go. You shouldn't fill up your room with furniture you don't need. Instead of having two smaller dressers, why not just have one larger one? In the end, you save on space and convenience.


Color: Choose your colors wisely. Cooler colors have a tendency of receding, making the room appear larger. Ideally, choose colors like pale blue, gray or green.

Partitions: If one of the rooms is exceedingly large, you can partition it into two or more rooms serving different purposes. No, partitioning will not require you to erect a wall, all you need are some wall dividers and you will have separate rooms instead of one large one.


Rugs: To save more space, avoid using one small rug and instead purchase a large one.


Mirrors: Mirrors can make your room appear double the size it is. Strategically place mirrors in the room to give it a larger appearance than it is in real sense.


Window Treatment: Go for simple window treatments like the shutters, simple drapes or blinds that take up minimal visual space. Avoid complicated valences, strong patterns, flounces and ruffles.

Lighting: Proper lighting will make your room feel larger. The way you do it will depend on the theme, but more natural light is advisable but you can use accent lamps at night or similar.

Your home is not as tiny as you might have always believed. With the cost of housing skyrocketing, you really don't have an option but to learn how best you can utilize your small space for the best. You can do all these on your own; you just have to find the right items, learn to prioritize and you will definitely like the outcome.