The internet is an ample source of articles and design inspiration; however for the design enthusiast books on modern design will help you dive deep into the world of modern interior design. The internet is a great resource to start searching for design inspiration, but a book on modern design will afford you the opportunity to delve deeper into the world of interior design and will give you a better understanding of the reason behind certain design decisions.

Marvelous bedroom design is very personal and the interior design should be an extension of your personality.

Here are twelve ideas for marvelous bedroom design:

Make Use of the Wall Paint in Different Colors and Borders

Combine a variety of complementing colors in your personal taste and paint borders. Make use of stencils to create a lovely finish around the doors and windows in your bedroom. Painting walls in different colors can also be used to break up the flow of a color and help differentiate the different portions of your bedroom.

Mirrors Make Your Room Seem Bigger

Mirrors add the illusion of extra space and also create a wonderful warm atmosphere, but in a bedroom it is also necessary to have a tall mirror to see what you look like before walking out of your bedroom to face the world. Proper use of mirrors can also help illuminate your room with natural sunlight during the day which is especially important with rooms using darker wall paints.


Wallpaper can add Texture and Atmosphere

Wallpaper can be used on just a section of the wall or it can be added to create a wonderful texture and atmosphere, by combining different wallpaper designs on different walls in your bedroom. It's an easy way to quickly and dramatically change the look of a room.

Wall Decals can add a Very Personal Touch

You can use a positive saying or a special personal message above the headboard in your bedroom. Wall decals can be removed easily afterward and can be changed easily as needed. It does add a modern and intriguing effect to your walls and can be used to express what kind of person you are.


Detail with Dressers and Chests

It's important that the dressers and chests you use in your room all match, they are a great and practical way to decorate your room. Just make sure they're big enough to hold what you'll need.

Themed Children's Bedrooms

Children always go through phases admiring different fictional characters and these fleeting interests can be incorporated into their bedrooms, through the use of blankets and pillow cases, which is a cheaper alternative to re-designing your child's room every couple of years.

Night Stands

Depending on what you need to keep next to your bed at night (books, water, an alarm clock) you will be able to select the size and design of a beautiful and functional night stand. Night stands are very practical pieces of furniture. Ideally they should match your dressers or chests.

Lights and Lamps

The lighting in a bedroom is important because you need to see properly if you like reading in bed or want soft dimmed light to relax. A lamp is perfect for providing sufficient light when you want to read, while also adding to your marvelous bedroom design goals.

Magazine Racks

To keep your bedroom free from cluttered magazines, a good option is to invest in a magazine rack that is composed of sections to keep your magazines organized.

Jewelry Holders and Mannequins

A jewelry Organizer or a wall jewelry rack is perfect in a smaller bedroom where there is not enough space on a dressing table to keep something like a mannequin jewelry stand.

Decorative Pillows

A variety of continental and smaller decorative pillows in a variety of designs, colors and beautiful textiles can add a special atmosphere if placed carefully on your bed, or you can go with just a few themed pillows to enhance one of the colors in your interior style.


The Bed as the Main Focal Point

The most comfortable piece of furniture in your home should be your bed. Do not compromise on cost when you need a good night's rest. A quality mattress is important for a good night's rest, so it would be wise to invest in a quality mattress. You should change out your mattress every seven years, and remember on average a human being spends thirty-three percent of their life sleeping.