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Seating is key in a living room. It's a public space in your private sphere, so seating options such as sofas and chairs are very important. To choose a seating arrangement that's right for you, reflect on how many people you entertain on average

When it comes time to get down to business, executive desks are the most sensible option as they offer the most features that will increase productivity.

Neoclassical furniture is made up of beautiful pieces that mix modern styles with classical Greek themes for an effect that is serious, studious, and stately.

19th century New Orleans furniture is known for its finely carved detail work. These pieces were so well crafted that many still survive today.

In a world where much of the furniture is a result of mass production, artisan crafted products allow us a peek at original furniture designs.

For the lover of all things historical or antique, here are some unique characteristics of a few 19th century furniture styles spanning the century.

The luxurious mentality of the French Deco period transfered into their furniture styles leaving us with some of the best retro and vintage pieces of today.

Wonder what the big deal is about the wood your furnishings are crafted from? Here are a few characteristics of the most common woods used in furniture today.

Knowing antiques can take a lifetime of study. Here are a few cheats that will allow you to tell the difference between the real deal and a low quality fake.