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When it comes time to get down to business, executive desks are the most sensible option as they offer the most features that will increase productivity.

Whether you want to hide your T.V or show it off, here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a unit to house your entertainment system.

By incorporating a few clever design ideas the TV can be rendered almost invisible, thus allowing you to feature other furniture as the centerpiece of your living space.

Your chosen wine cabinet should be one that will accommodate and showcase your wine collection while also complementing your current design theme.

The entrance is the first area guests see but is often the most neglected part of the house. Here are eight easy tips on how to make a good first impression.

Ottomans are versatile pieces of accent furniture that have a place in every home. Here are a few stylistic qualities of contemporary ottomans.

While we unfortunately can't let them choose everything, here are a few ways to involve your kids in the design of their own bedrooms and play spaces.

Have you ever wondered how to style a family room for all ages? Here are some ideas to create a room that are both welcoming and practical.

Decorating the bathroom can be a nightmare, but IC is here to help! Two main factors to be remember when decorating your bathroom are utility and storage space.

In some homes the attic is dead space only used to store christmas decor. Why not turn it into a living space that you can use? Here's how...

Contemporary media chests finally allow you to tuck all those annoying cords and electronics cluttering up your life out of sight and out of mind.