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Now is the time to take a look at your home and consider a few quick updates and renovations to take care of. They’ll help with keeping your home comfortable and clean even when your pets, kids

wall mirrorsWhile Art Deco did evolve over the course of the nearly two decades of the height of its popularity, there are a number of hallmarks that defined the entire period. We’ll look at how these design hallmarks can work in a modern Art Deco design.

Small but important adjustments should be made to ensure that your home remains the relaxing and attractive haven you’ve created it to be. 


We’ve collected nine paint shades that are a great alternative to white that will upgrade your kitchen to a dream without making it look like a technicolor nightmare.

Did you know that neutral shades of color have the power to make your home look better? Using the right color inside of your home can really make your house look bigger.

 The clean lines of this storage space make it a beautiful improvement over a plain wall.Takes the negative space under the stairs and turns it into a sleek, modern set of shelves for storing and displaying anything from

We’ve collected seven room designs in this style that we love and are great inspiration for your own rustic-modern fusion design.


The estate sits on a secluded, private section of land with the lawn sloping down to the private beach.  It features its own private pond as well as hundreds of feet of beach frontage

Discretion:  As you know, the opposite of playful is discretion. Some of these colors take you back, such as burnished lilac, Hawthorne rose, and elderberry. 

Inside the 14,079-square- foot home, which is priced right at $27 mil, lies a multitude of brazen interior decorating surprises, including a pool table fashioned out of an old car. Tommy and his bold designers broke all the rules, turning taboo into trend by combining clean lines with a variety of quirky details

Well appointed bathrooms are assets to every house and contribute to the price of the house. We found some bathrooms that can be inspirations to you, if you are building a new house or thinking of remodeling.

The project, which included building a 69-panel solar capsule in the shape of a geometric ovule, was completed recently by Mats Bigert and Lars Bergstrom.


Dolce and Gabbana and an Italian home appliance company 



Barack Obamas Brookly Victorian home can be yours for only 4.3 million.His townhouse in Park Slope is up for grabs at a whopping $4.3 million price tag.