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Small but important adjustments should be made to ensure that your home remains the relaxing and attractive haven you’ve created it to be. 


We’ve collected seven room designs in this style that we love and are great inspiration for your own rustic-modern fusion design.


This tiny cottage exudes classic charm. Featuring a small front porch and cheery red shutters, this home is a perfect miniature getaway.  And, thanks to the house’s wheels it can get away with you 

Discretion:  As you know, the opposite of playful is discretion. Some of these colors take you back, such as burnished lilac, Hawthorne rose, and elderberry. 

Dolce and Gabbana and an Italian home appliance company 



Barack Obamas Brookly Victorian home can be yours for only 4.3 million.His townhouse in Park Slope is up for grabs at a whopping $4.3 million price tag.

Living in a city has its down sides, but living in high-rise apartment is certainly not one of them. Here are a few modern design ideas for your space.

Trends cycle through and seem to change as soon as they've come. Here are tips on current trends and how to stay chic without the price tag. 

For a guest room, it’s important to choose furnishings that will welcome your guests, make them feel comfortable, and set the right tone for their stay.

Dining rooms are the perfect place for food and conversation with our loved ones and colleagues. Here's how to redesign your space to make it inviting and cozy.

Spanish design was known for it's use of rich contrasting colors, unique architecture, and use of texture. Here are a few spanish characteristics to look for.

While we unfortunately can't let them choose everything, here are a few ways to involve your kids in the design of their own bedrooms and play spaces.

In a world where much of the furniture is a result of mass production, artisan crafted products allow us a peek at original furniture designs.

For the lover of all things historical or antique, here are some unique characteristics of a few 19th century furniture styles spanning the century.

It is a little known fact that much of colonial architecture is actually based on Georgian designs.

Natural and rustic design accents are classic and will never go out of style. Here's how to bring that rustic farmhouse feel into your contemporary interior.

The Moroccan style is known for having a rich, vibrant look and for its mesmerizing patterns and textures. Here are a few characteristics of Moorish design.