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The number of barstools that you need to put in front of your console bar will help you to determine the width of stool you can buy. In determining the number of bar stools to add to the counter table, you should have about 30" from the center of one seat to the next seat.

Well appointed bathrooms are assets to every house and contribute to the price of the house. We found some bathrooms that can be inspirations to you, if you are building a new house or thinking of remodeling.

The project, which included building a 69-panel solar capsule in the shape of a geometric ovule, was completed recently by Mats Bigert and Lars Bergstrom.

Trends cycle through and seem to change as soon as they've come. Here are tips on current trends and how to stay chic without the price tag. 

Mirrors make the perfect room accents. Mirrors are inexpensive, come in all different shapes and sizes, and capture light while opening up the space.

A bookshelf not only helps organize your books, but also gives people a brief glimpse of your personality. Here's how to choose the right bookcase for your lifestyle.

Decorating the bathroom can be a nightmare, but IC is here to help! Two main factors to be remember when decorating your bathroom are utility and storage space.

Are you overwhelmed by the clutter in your home? Are you tired of dusting your countless knick-knacks? If so, minimalist style may be for you.