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Living in a city has its down sides, but living in high-rise apartment is certainly not one of them. Here are a few modern design ideas for your space.

Trends cycle through and seem to change as soon as they've come. Here are tips on current trends and how to stay chic without the price tag. 

If you have a basement why not convert it into a space that the whole family can enjoy? Home theaters are a perfect basement idea, and here's why...

Mirrors make the perfect room accents. Mirrors are inexpensive, come in all different shapes and sizes, and capture light while opening up the space.

Are you getting the most out of your outdoor spaces? Here are a few points of interest to consider when designing your patio and garden areas.

While we unfortunately can't let them choose everything, here are a few ways to involve your kids in the design of their own bedrooms and play spaces.

Rustic elegance using heirloom style furniture, is a great way to combine classic pieces with dignified and exquisite accessories.

In some homes the attic is dead space only used to store christmas decor. Why not turn it into a living space that you can use? Here's how...

Do you ever fantasize about inviting all your friends over on a warm summer night for a few drinks and a good time?  Read on to make this fantasy a reality.