wall mirrorsWhile Art Deco did evolve over the course of the nearly two decades of the height of its popularity, there are a number of hallmarks that defined the entire period. We’ll look at how these design hallmarks can work in a modern Art Deco design.

Small but important adjustments should be made to ensure that your home remains the relaxing and attractive haven you’ve created it to be. 


Well appointed bathrooms are assets to every house and contribute to the price of the house. We found some bathrooms that can be inspirations to you, if you are building a new house or thinking of remodeling.

Translated into dollars this means by spending an average of $500-$750 give you a return of about $5000.

Decorating the bathroom can be a nightmare, but IC is here to help! Two main factors to be remember when decorating your bathroom are utility and storage space.

Stressed out? Need a little time for relaxation? Here's how to transform your everyday bathroom into your own personal spa retreat. It's time to treat yourself! 

Streaming sunlight into the bathroom is one of the ways to brighten up the room rather than leaving it dull and oppressive. Here are a few bright ideas how...