Create Your Own Spa

For most of us, finding a retreat from daily life can be difficult. Even when you are clocked out of the office, the phone can ring at any time. We wouldn’t trade our kids and other family members for the world, but we sometimes need a break from them. With bills to pay, it’s not always easy to find the chance to get away on vacation. That is why the bathroom is increasingly becoming the modern day spa. Creating a haven inside your own living space can reduce your stress and allow you to get away without the time and expense of going anywhere. Even if it is only for an hour or two, this break could be exactly what you need. What could be better than having a ready-made spa in your home at all times? There are only a few steps to follow to create your dream hideaway.

Contemporary White Finish Aqua Eden Acrylic Tub

Choose Your Relaxing Theme

First of all, think about what relaxes you the most and where you would like to spend your “me” time. The way that you plan your bathroom will be based all around that. You can bring the outdoor and garden inside if you are a nature person. Think about big windows and wooden panelling. You can even add in some plants around the bathtub, whether real or faux. Those who love taking a spa day can set up marble surfaces and luxurious candle trays. You could consider getting monogrammed towels or elegant floor lighting to up the opulence factor. A rustic or vintage theme can be chosen for those who just want to soak in the past. No matter what idea you like the most, choose this to lead your home decor plans. Try to design a bathroom that fits your dreams.

Furnish With Home Comforts

The next step is to make your bathroom as comfortable as possible. This could mean a different thing to every person. The important thing is to fill it with the things that you enjoy. If you like to take long scented baths, then make sure that you have a big bottle of your favorite bubble bath at hand. Put a stack of your favorite books or magazines nearby so that you can easily reach for them. Make sure that your bathroom is as comfortable as it can be. You can even add a wine glass holder or a moving tray to your bathtub!

Classic White and Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish 61 inch Aqua Eden Cast Iron Tub

Block Out the World

The final step in turning your bathroom into the ultimate modern day retreat is to block out the world. You can do this in a variety of ways to ensure that your relaxation is complete. First of all, make sure that any clocks are behind you or out of sight. This ensures you will not be checking the time every five minutes. Next, block out sounds from the rest of the house. Thick padding around the door, such as a draft excluder, will help. You can also purchase a shower radio or music player. This can allow you to listen to your favorite music as you unwind. You could even put on the rainforest sounds or gentle rain to maximize your relaxation. Scented candles burning around the bathtub can transport you to another place. You can even go for a scented bath bomb or bubble bath to do the same. If all else fails, invest in a pair of earplugs! Then lean back in the foam, close your eyes, and let go. Your beautiful and comforting bathroom will do the rest of the work for you.