An Attic Bedroom

If you’re lucky enough to have an attic with a high ceiling, you have an excellent opportunity to convert that space into the most attractive room of your house. Most attics are used for storage, but an attic with a sturdy floor and high ceiling could be easily turned into an additional living room, guest room, library, or TV room. The attic is a highly versatile room that offers plenty of chances to experiment with its unique shape.


The attic may not be the ideal place for a master bedroom since does not have an abundance of space and lacks convenient amenities like an attached bathroom. It can, however, easily serve as a bedroom for your children or guests. Since space is limited, you must manage storage as smartly as possible. A couple of low chests or stacks of drawers should do fine. If possible,  you can put an armoire near the entrance where the ceiling is highest or have your wardrobe placed in another room of the house. You can also look for beds with built-in storage. Make sure to place the bed with the head at the lower end of the slope if you have sloping roofs. This will make it easier to stand in the room.

King Bed with Cherry Veneer and Maple Inlay with Leather Headrest


You can instantly transform your attic into a library or office space by installing wall-mounted shelving around the room. You can place an elegant writing desk under the front window to utlize the natural light. Place a comfy armchair in the corner under a floor lamp to create a cozy reading nook. A bold area rug in the center of the room with bean bags would also offer comfortable reading arrangments.


In terms of artificial lighting table and floor lamps are probably the best option here, but with a little electrical work you could also install some recessed lighting to illuminate your library. For day use, a skylight is a nice alternative to traditional windows. This lets in fresh sunlight while affording you some privacy. It also bathes the room in warm light throughout the day, making it an ideal place for reading or work. Having a skylight can get hot in the summer, so be sure to install blinds on tracks or a ceiling fan to help cool the space down. Choose a color scheme with light, bright colors that make the most of all the extra sunlight you’ll be getting into your attic bedroom. Wood paneling does the trick. Integrate the scheme into your bedspreads, rugs, and furniture and set it off with dark pillows or seats.

Furniture Arrangement

If you are restricted by space, don’t opt for elaborate seating arrangements. Go for small sofas, bean bags, or benches. Informal seating arrangements suit the attic best. Comfy chairs or bean bags and a trendy coffee table should be enough. A swing, rocking chair, or a hammock can be perfect if you like you like reading books in the solitude of your attic. Make sure your television is at a low height so you can watch it from bed. Make optimum use of cabinets as storage space. Be careful in choosing the size of your television as one too large may not be appropriate for an attic bedroom.