Growing Up

Rooms are reflections of a person's personality, and a teenager is experiencing major changes on that front. They are not the kid that they once were and don't yet know who they want to become. Redesigning your kid’s room can be a great opportunity to connect with your children and learn something new about the kind of people that they are growing into while offering the opportunity to work with them on a creative project that they will enjoy as much as you do. Here are a few useful tips on how to redecorate your teen's room with them.

Do Not Take Charge

We know it's hard, but let your children take the lead. Do not impose your own personality on their personal space. This allows them to put their own imprint on the room and presents them with an opportunity to decide for themselves. It's great practice for adult decision making. Give them a budget and let them decide on important things like color scheme, curtains, rugs etc. If you see them making a decision that might be hard to live with (ie painting the walls black) then draw on your own experience to advise them and try to redirect their design idea into a more sensible route (ie painting one wall black or using black as the main accent color).



A characteristic of younger childrens' rooms is the premium placed on free space for kids to play around. This loses significance as they grow up. This space can be utilized effectively to spice the room up. A larger bed is a necessity, and it is advisable to replace their twin bed with a full or even queen sized bed. Adding a couple of comfortable chairs doesn’t hurt either. A comfy beanbag, rocking chair, loveseat, or accent bench can go miles in making young adults comfortable about inviting people into their rooms. A bigger closet is also a necessity. Try to get one with a mirror on the inside if free wall space is limited, and it will be, as teens have a habit of decorating walls with posters and pictures. An additional dresser or a chest of drawers may be a quirky alternative that increases the room’s appeal. Be sure to keep a color scheme and keep it simple.


As the workload on teens and young adult’s increases, they need more space in their rooms for keeping all the paraphernalia that accompanies it. A couple of wall mounted cabinets or shelves are essential. Desks are great for working at home and can easily be made complete with an office chair and chalkboard. Provide for plenty of storage for books, school and work material, sports equipment, any hobby-related equipment and/or old embarrassing childhood toys that they can’t bear to throw away just yet.


Teens love music. A stereo, iPod dock, or a CD player is absolutely essential. Framing pictures and posters before putting them up not only gives them a classic look on the walls compared to random posters taped over one another, but also protects them and allows them to take them along when they move out. New table lamps and ceiling lamps go a long way in changing the appearance to any room. Interior Clue offers a lot of beautiful modern pendants that your teen might also enjoy. Throw pillows and body pillows help teens work in their preferred awkward positions.

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Going About It

Overhauling a room may be an expensive exercise. Find a balance between buying new stuff and recycling old material. Opt for stuff that can last for a long time. New dressers and drawer chests are particularly worthwhile investments, but you can also repaint or distressed your old dresser for a fresh look. Things that are to be discarded can be sold to finance the renovation or donated to charity to help the needy. Keep the theme of the room simple but pleasant. Most importantly, let your teen decide. It is, after all, their room. Provide advice, suggestions, and the right budget; let them make the creative decisions.