Get the kids involved!

Poor and stressed out parents prefer to shop by themselves and avoid the problems of keeping kids on a short leash while they browse for furniture, fixtures and ideas. Who can blame them? Kids running a riot inside a store could be more than enough to tip a parent over the edge. It's an incendiary situation, indeed. However designing your kid's bedroom or play area can be a great bonding experience. Allowing them to have a small say in their room gives them a unique opportunity to feel what it's like to take on responsibility. Here are a few easy ways that you can include your kids in the decora

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When designing the children’s play area (or rumpus room as it is called in some countries), it is important to get the kids involved. After all, they will be the ones to use it the majority of the time. This is where can save the day. You can do your browsing in the comfort of your own home with your kids sitting on your lap, standing by your side, or simply looking over your shoulder. Not only is their helping you important for the purpose of making sure they enjoy using it, it is also important for their self-esteem and development. It forms part of their early development in decision-making, not to mention, it can be a bonding activity between parents and children.

Solid Wood Storage Trunk Set with Iron Fittings


Are you sick of scattered pieces of Legos, books, and other toys laying around underfoot? Let your kids choose from our selection of trunks and luggage. These can’t be beat when it comes to organizing their things and keeping clutter to a minimum. Be sure to check out the specifications of the storage units and pick ones that are light enough for them to open, close, and drag around the floor or stack up as necessary. Letting them choose where the furniture goes is a great way to let them feel important!


Children also love pictures on their wall, so make sure to check out our selection of photo frames. Let them help you pick the picture frames that appeal to them, and most importantly, let them help you pick the pictures or artwork to put in it. Children are naturally creative. With something to put their artwork into, who knows they might surprise you with a Picasso-like painting to put on display.


No matter how old your children are, a bookcase is a must. Allow them to choose one that they can reach to prevent having to stand on a stool that can be unsafe. Having a bookcase to display their prized possessions like books, awards, citations, and various knickknacks would be a welcome addition to any play area.

Modern Glass Metal Train Semi Flush Kids Ceiling Light


There are so many light fixtures out there, why not let your kid choose one? Interior Clue offers a myriad of lighting solutions that can appeal to both children and adults. Whether it's an themed table lamp, an airplane shaped pendant, a skateboard light, or a beautiful glass star, you'll find that letting them help choose the light was one of the brightest ideas you have had all day!