When you have a big family, keeping the living room clean can be a challenge, let alone styling it. Here at Interior Clue, we recognize how difficult it can be, and would like to offer a few possible solutions. Let’s look at some ideas to design a room that is both welcoming and practical.


It is imperative that you ensure that the seating area is comfortable yet made of durable material. Think leather chairs or a sofa that will create a warm feeling. Try the Hekman products for high quality and durability. A couple of beanbags for younger children to sit on will make them feel more relaxed.

Uttermost Selam Aged Weathered White Wood Wing Chair


Classic wood storage units keep games and toys hidden away when not in use and create a stylish ambiance when the children have gone to bed. You can also mix storage with fun by investing in a Howard Miller Game Table. The children can play board games there during the day, and as night falls, the adults can use it for a round of poker and drinks. These tables can also be converted into a regular table for dining or decorative use. You can also use a vintage style trunk for toy storage which can then double up as a table or seat.


In a family room, good lighting is a must. Try a central pendant with crystals to reflect more light, then, when you want a more intimate feel, have an elegant floor lamp perhaps in a warm brass or more modern chrome. An opaque or colored glass shade would work well here. Floor lamps are preferable to table lamps in a family room as small hands are less likely to reach them!

Uttermost Contemporary Bronze Arc Floor Lamp


Deeper colors in a family room make it cozier – try eggplant or crimson if you have a large room or a sage green for a smaller space. Colorful paintings or photographs of the family will make the room bright and cheerful and make everyone feel at home. Create a wall space where children can display their handcrafted artwork; providing them with their own area makes them feel more valued. Frame the best pieces nicely, and ask their help in deciding where to hang them.


When choosing flooring for a large family it's important to keep stain resistance in mind and choose something that will be easily cleaned rather than permanently damaged.Keep flooring simple. Wooden or laminate floors are ideal for young children, although large soft rugs would be a welcome addition to add color and padded softness. If you are planning on carpet, a neutral but not too pale covering would look best when matched with darker wood and walls.

Window Dressing

Clean lines at the windows can work better in a family room than ruffles. If you choose curtains then you can choose an opulent traditional fabric or a lighter cotton for a more contemporary vibe. If you choose blinds to go for a streamlined fresh look, make sure that the blinds are high quality, or they may get twisted and stuck after extended use.

Special Touches

Your own style is so important in this room. This is where the family gathers, and where friends and family can enjoy a less formal space. Why not add a traditional Howard Miller Clock to give a homey feel? An elegant grandfather clock looks very smart in a larger room, whilst a beautifully crafted wall clock would enhance any smaller space.

Remember, the family room is one worth spending time and money on. Have an area where the children feel comfortable; perhaps near the window to take advantage of natural light. Provide play space for the younger children and a functional homework space for the older ones. However, don’t forget your own needs as a parent, treat yourself to a little luxury and style!