There are few design styles as beautiful as the cottage interior design style; however, very few people are eager to take it on as they not know where to start. Often they find furniture pieces, and then do not know how to accessorize. This should give you a bit of insight as to how easy it is to transform your space.

Lighting is Important

When you think of the lighting in a cottage, soft reading lamps and fireplaces come to mind. Retro modern lamps and bright LED type lighting is not really recommended here, as it will create a harsh and modern feel in your space. Try pairing off lamps of the same style, but different sizes, for instance the summerland cottage style floor lamp and the rustic white cottage style table lamp.



There is nothing like great accessories to bring a room together. It really just serves to bring out the best in the room, and adds points of interest. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Usually wooden products and old metals work best with the country style. A good choice here would be the Nautical Beach Side Driftwood Décor Duo.

Style by Theme/50/country-nook-kitchen-cottage

The Entry Hall Cannot be Neglected

Something that is often forgotten is that country, homes are often small, and every portion of the house is used for something. This means that the entryway needs to be functional, and a bare entryway does not bode well for a cottage themed house. The Cottage Houses White Painted Multi Purpose Wall Hook is not only great to display but also has the function. If you’re looking for something a bit darker, the cottage style entryway five hook wooden shelf and coat rack is just the thing.


Create Reading Nooks

Nothing says cottage more than quiet corners where a lot of reading takes place. Placed at the end of a hallway, in front of a window, the cottage bench in antique white with linen seat cushion is just waiting for someone to sit on it. It also looks beautiful at the foot of a bed.


Focal Interest Points with Time

Nothing says cottage theme interior style than having strategically placed clocks in a country theme. This not only creates points of interest, but the gentle ticking goes hand in hand with a country wife waiting for her biscuits to finish in the oven. The chateau standing cottage clock with pendulum is not only beautiful, but is also functional. This is also not a run of the mill design. If a standing clock is not to your liking, perhaps the french style weathered finish wood Wall Clock will suit you better.


Softening up with Pillows and Cushions

The cottages are cozy, and meant for comfort. Furniture pieces can be hand selected; however, the height of comfort is a mountain of soft pillows. A popular choice for the country theme is the Beige Fabric Pillow with Paris Postcard Design. Also look out for furniture with built in cushions, like the dark metal white cushion chair with mesh backrest.