In this article, we will cover how you can transform your home into that industrial space you have envisioned.


Luckily, to transform your home into a modern, industrial style home, there are several things you can do. If your home is filled with unpainted walls or uncovered pipes, you can use this to your advantage. An industrial style home is one that showcases these features, and adds furniture and decorating pieces to make the room complete.

To ensure that the decorations you add go well with the theme, choose pieces that are cohesive in regards to colors and themes. In an industrial style, you would do best to stay away from very colorful pieces, or soft textures. This modern look does not have to be cold or unappealing, so choose the right pieces carefully.


In your living room, consider adding floor lamps in darker shades, or unique paintings. These will add to the industrial flair you want to accomplish, and also broadcast your personality and style. Add cushions with similar colors and shades, so that these do not draw too much attention.

To transform your kitchen into a modern, industrial masterpiece, be sure to accent your space with stainless steel appliances. You can also add modern lighting, and decorating pieces that go with the general motif.


To convert any other room in your home into an industrial style room, consider using unfinished decorating pieces, and plenty of pieces with hardware. An unfinished piece that could go well with any room would be a table or bookcase. These pieces do not need to be varnished or painted. Perhaps an end table with wheels would go well with your room. These pieces will easily modify the current state of your room and ensure it is on its path to become an industrial one.

The industrial style can be easily accomplished. Do not feel overwhelmed if you cannot find the perfect decorating pieces. Even if you only have old and used pieces, you can still achieve an industrial look. Any type of metallic, steel or wooden pieces can complement your room, even if they are not new. If you have old carts, storage trunks, or lamps, you could use them to add character to your newly decorated rooms.


If you happen to be one of the lucky ones, and have a brick wall in your home, you have half your work done for you. The brick wall will attract plenty of attention, and decorating the rest of the room will be a lot easier. You can also add wood to the room, as to make it appear a bit warmer and softer. Plus, the contrast between brick and wood will be very attractive to you and your guests.


To decorate your home in an industrial style, you have plenty of options. With the help of the right accessories, your home can be suddenly transformed into a modern, industrial piece. If you happen to have an uncovered brick wall, you can limit the use of accessories, as the wall will be the focal point of the room. Be careful when adding plenty of colors to the room. The beauty of the industrial style is that it is minimalist, and does not require many colorful pieces to complete the room.